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About US

CBT Learn Spanish is an online platform for learning Spanish.

It provides an international online learning experience with native Spanish teachers. 

Teaching takes place one-to-one or in small group sessions of upto 4 students.

All online Spanish classes are taught by Certified and Experienced Teachers.

our classes

Our native Spanish Teachers will help your child’s confidence and Spanish skills to improve in both speaking, writing and grammar.  

Our classes are interactive and fun to make learning Spanish an enjoyable experience for your child. 

Classes can be booked at a time that is best suited for your child. 


Why Choose CBT Learn Spanish

Our lessons are designed to help your child quickly improve in their knowledge of the Spanish language.

Our teachers work hard to assist your child to not only speak the language but to understand the language also.

We evaluate your child’s current level of learning and adjust our teaching to suit your child’s need.

Every child is different so our one-to-one teaching is designed to best assist each individual child. 


Our Teachers

Our Spanish teachers have certified and recognised teaching qualifications such as TEFL, TESOL etc.

CBT Teachers are native Spanish speakers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the online Spanish lessons?

Each well prepared class of 25 minutes is just enough to assist your child’s concentration and immersion into the language

What does Learn Spanish CBT-i offer?

Each Spanish lesson offers an engaging, interacting and interesting virtual Spanish classroom to improve your child’s listening comprehension and verbal communication.

Are your Teachers qualified?

Yes, CBT-i conducts a selective recruitment process for their instructors. Qualified, committed, and highly experienced Spanish teachers enhance the online education learning experience.

Are your Teacher native Spanish speakers?

Yes, all of our qualified teachers are native Spanish speakers. 

Language immersion with the help of a native speaking teacher ensures the learning Spanish is simpler, more successful, and more enjoyable.

Why should I choose CBT-i to help my child learn Spanish online?

Innovative technology, a pleasant learning environment, and qualified native Spanish Teachers provide children from around the world with a natural and efficient online English learning experience

How long will it take to learn Spanish?

The answer depends on your child’s ability, motivation and dedication. Some children may become fluent in a relatively short amount of time. Basic Spanish that is useful for holidays may be picked up in just a few lessons by some children. 

Fun, interactive and online classes

Native Spanish Speaking Teachers

one-to-one or group lessons for children

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